How to swap, guys?

How to swap guys

Is this need ,to take one asset to BNB first?
And then take that from BNB to another asset you wish?
Pls let me know

Hi @rwamushayija,

To better assist, please provide more details about your issue (explain what you were trying to do)

Hello there, I’ve been browsing around and seen you’ve helped a few people. I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve got a good one. I live in Hawaii and so restrictions limit everything that I can do. Ultimately I’m after CAKE. We can’t use binance or coinbase here so buying the right bnb token so far has proven futile. I have managed (with a VPN) to set up a few accounts on different exchanges but paying outright for cake requires a 3rd party payment which then go back to Hawaii regulations and not serviced here. Is there another wallet I could swap ETH or another token for BNB then CAKE? Or can it be done here with the native ETH I have on this wallet? Hey thanks so much for helping us all really!

Hi @Durty,

Is one of the exchanges you have set up an account with? You can buy CAKE there.

CAKE is a BEP20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain (there’s a BEP2 version as well but it doesn’t make sense, not unless if you are simply planning in HODLing it). So it is not possible to swap native ETH to CAKE.