How To Top Up TFUEL For Theta Send

After selecting Theta for “send”, I copied the QRC, entered the amount to send and then “continue”. I got a red message that said I have to “top up my Tfuel”. I clicked on that and it took me back to a screen that showed I have zero Tfuel. Right. But there wasn’t anything to click on to actually get Tfuel. :roll_eyes:

Hi @TrustThis,

You can get TFUEL from various exchanges: Theta Fuel price today, TFUEL to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Thanks, but how do I know how much I need to send the Theta token to Kucoin? The Trust wallet doesn’t say except I need to “top it off”. And I hate that I can’t buy any on the Trust.

Try to send out your THETA tokens, the network fee is displayed there. It will indicate how many TFUEL you need to cover the network fees.

Here’s an example:

Source: Blockchains that Require Network fees

As I mentioned in the OP, I tried to send Theta to Kucoin. I didn’t get the screen you show. I’ll try again.

OK, the screen looks exactly like yours, except underneath the max total it shows in red that I need to top up my Tfuel. Doesn’t say how much. If I click on it, it shows a different screen that shows 0 Tfuel. I originally transferred Theta from Binance as I live in NY and Binance is not legal here, so I put the Theta in this Trust wallet.

It looks like I could buy Tfuel in my Kucoin account. I’ll try to get some and send to the Trust wallet to top it off. Thanks again for your help.

Check the network fee part.


As I said, the screen looks like yours. The Network Fee part is exactly the same. My problem continues to be where can I buy and send Tfuel to the Trust wallet so I can get out of this mess.

I checked Kucoin and it states that there are no trading pairs for Tfuel. I’m trying to avoid signing up with yet another exchange just to do this. Theta is a great project and I have over 500+ coins.

You can check the available markets here: Theta Fuel price today, TFUEL to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap. Perhaps, one of those is the exchange where you are currently signed up.

Hi, did you resolve this as i am having the exact same issue. I’m trying to get mine out but keeps flaging the same issue of not enough tfuel, very frustrating