How to Trade on DEX

A few days ago I made a transfer, in TrustWallet, from Ethereum to Lambda. I added Lambda via Etherscan web site and used QR code.
The thing is that in Ethereum there is a valid info about transacation but in Lambda coin there is nothing. No pending transaction and no transaction at all.
Here are transaction details:
Transaction Hash: 0xac4be878145912321fbec11df55a6e04f82cf9cb0ad8152a49914c2b93b7d5bd
From: 0xddd37afe0b39da0335975f3c688725ece3690c1f
To: 0xddd37afe0b39da0335975f3c688725ece3690c1f

I don’t know if this help and if you can do something about it at all, but since I am new to cryptocurency I don’t know what might be the problem.
Thank you for any of your help!



Thanks for your question.
I was checking the transaction that you gave,

The transaction shows that you sent 0.083 ETH to your own address.

This is your ETH address: 0xddd37afe0b39da0335975f3c688725ece3690c1f

What do you mean by Lambda, are you referring to this?
Lambda price today, LAMB to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap, Are you sending this token?
I do not see it anywhere on your wallet.
Please explain further.

To better assist you, can you also tell us your Trust Wallet app version.
Screenshots if you have any.


Thank you for reply!
You are absolutely right that I sent it to myself, I see it just now, and I am absolutely puzzeled by this because the recipient adress I copied from the Wallet and didn’t notice that it is the same ETH adress.
Really strange. So, what happens in this situation? When one send token to same adress?
Yes, Lambda is the link you sent and is this correct adress I should made transfer: 0x8971f9fd7196e5cee2c1032b50f656855af7dd26?
I attached file from which you can see Trust Wallet app version.
Also wanted to attach the file from which you cans that Lambda is inserted in the wallet, but new users can attach only one file.
Generally, my concern is how to get bach 0.083 ETH to my adress if possible?
Thank you very much!


The ETH was returned to your address.
Looking at the remaining balance, it is almost the same, just some fees were deducted.

Are you trying to buy some LAMB tokens?
You can follow this guide to do a SWAP:


Well, yes I am trying to buy some LAMB tokens if they seem to be profitable.
I looked a bit around the net and found it that it might be profitable?
Do you have any insights about this?
Thank you once more!


This is what I get when I click on the link you sent about SWAP:
Can you try this one?
If it is still the same, go to Help Center and then Basics, the guide will be there.

Will report to our devs to see why the links are not working.

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Unfortunately, no.

But I will go directly to the Help Centaer to find a topic.
Thank you!

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Unfortunately, this is the only topic in Help Center:

No Basics topic.

Sorry, please try again. The articles should be available now.

Hai recived not full details trust wallet

Not sure what you mean by HAI, is this an ERC20 token?
Please try the steps indicated here:

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Not sure what you mean by ETD, is it trading somewhere?

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I just made transaction from Trust Wallet to Coinbase, BTCP to ETH, and transaction is done in Trust Wallet but no funds are received in Coinbase? Any idea?
Here is transaction hash#:

The problem is you sent a token to Coinbase, and they didnt support BTCP.

Here appears that token is not supported in cb, so you have to contact cb support.

Yes, I already contacted CB and their answer is that they can’t do anything.
N.B.: BTCP is about BitcoinPro, not Private.

Is there any UNDO-like option since CB plays uncooperative? I mean it’s mine ETH adress and my money. I just made a simple mistake and now the money lays in crypto space.

Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.
Only the receiver of your token can send it back.
Please be careful when making transactions.
We are sorry for your loss.

Well, isn’t CB the receiver and I have account there? And if I ask them to send it back, tjey should be able to do so.
Right? Or am I thinking wrongly?