How to Trade on SushiSwap

On this guide, we will show you have to trade your tokens on SushiSwap. An Android device was used, since it has a built-in DApp browser that allows you to access the DApp on the same device. You can still use Wallet Connect on an iOS version of Trust Wallet.

Step 1 - Access SushiSwap

On your DApp browser and then go to their official site:

Step 2 - Select Token

Tap on Select a token, then find the token you want to swap. For this example, we will try to swap SUSHI to ETH.

Step 3 - Set Swap Amount

Enter the amount that you would like to swap or tap on Max to select the entire amount. Tap on Approve SUSHI button, then you will see the confirmation screen. Once you are ready to proceed, tap on Approve.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the network. A message will appear once it is Approved.

Step 4 - Proceed With Swap

Next, tap on Swap then Confirm Swap. The app will prompt you again to Approve the transaction.

The transaction will be submitted to the ETH network. After a few seconds, the transaction will be confirmed. You have successfully swapped some SUSHI.