How to transfer between Terra Chain and BSC

Hi, this is my first post so if it’s in the wrong category please feel free to remove it.

Im interested in Mirror Protocol( so I’ve installed Terra Station Wallet extension on Chrome.

I want to be able to transfer between Terra Blockchain and the BSC and Ethereum chains.

Ive linked my Trust Wallet to my Binance Chain Wallet on Chrome. I also have a Metamask Wallet on Firefox.

What’s the best way of buying/transfering tUSD, Luna and MIR between, BSC and Ethereum chains.

Terra recommends using Metamask with the bridge to the Ethereum chain if your buying on Uni.

Terra recommends using bridge with Binance Wallet Chain to connect to BSC.

However Binance has its own bridge Binance Smart Chain | Binance Bridge | Binance Panama to connect to other chains.

What is the best option between these?. Is it possible to bypass these bridges and use Trust Wallet directly with the Terra Chain.

On a separate point
When I setup my Binance Smart Chain Wallet Extension I tried to use the Faucet to receive BNB. I pasted my address and it said funds were sent but I can’t see any BNB in my wallet. Why is that?

Thank you


HI @Bozo,

Trust Wallet doesn’t have a bridge for Terra Chain <> BSC. You can do your due diligence on which cross-chain bridge is the best one to use.

The faucet is for the testnet only, not mainnet.

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