How to transfer usdt trc20

Hi! I am a new user of cryptocurrency and i have trc20 in my wallet and i want to transfer it to binance to be able to send it to my bank. unfortunately, trx is needed to have it transferred. however, since i am new to this i don’t have any clues as to where i’d be able to buy trx also the minimum is $50 to buy it and i only need 10 TRX for the networking fee. Can someone help me please. This is my trx address TYXUiZXeUmbheRhrWzgm8ZPr5T8u241GWA badly need help please!! :((

Hi I have the same problem too I need to buy TRX for GAS fee but unfortunately my TRX and TRC20 Tether USDT has the same address.

Any response to this post?
I want to transfer my USDT to bank or anyother thing but it asks for ETH and I cannot buy ETH!!