How to Unstake Cosmos

Unstaking Cosmos Tokens

This guide is only applicable if you have Cosmos tokens currently staked. If you would like to do that instead, then follow this guide on How to Stake (Delegate) Cosmos on Trust Wallet.

Once the withdrawal process of Cosmos has been started, you will not be receiving any staking rewards anymore. The unstaking of your tokens will take a full 21 days before they become available.

“If a delegator wants to unbond part or all of their stake, they needs to send an “Unbond transaction”. From there, the delegator will have to wait 3 weeks to retrieve their Atoms.”


A small amount of Available ATOM needs to be on the wallet in order to pay for the transaction fees. Minimum transaction fee is at 0.001 ATOM.

Let us proceed.

Steps to Unstake Cosmos Tokens

Step 1. Access Staking Platform

Open your Cosmos Wallet. Tap on Staking is now Available to access the Staking Platform and then tap on Cosmos.

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Step 2. Check the Stakes List

On this screen you will see where your tokens are currently staked. Take note of the list as you will go back to this later to confirm if the transaction was successful.

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Step 3. Selecting the Validator

Choose the Validator and input the amount that you want to Withdraw. Tap on Withdraw to proceed.

Reminder: Once the process of unstaking has been started, there is nothing else you can do but wait for it to complete.

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Step 4. Sign the Message

There will be 2 transactions that you have to sign. The first one is the actual unstake command and the second is for the withdrawal of the staking rewards. Make sure to confirm both by tapping on OK.

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Step 5. Confirm the Transaction

There will be a notification that the withdrawal was successful. Now, go back to the Stakes List mentioned on Step 2. You will see here that a Pending Withdraw section will appear. It will give you here an estimated time on how long before the tokens become available.

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