How to Unstake LUNA with Trust Wallet

Unstaking LUNA

This guide is only applicable if you have LUNA tokens currently staked. After you send an Undelegate transaction, your staked LUNA will begin unbonding and it will take 21 days before the LUNA becomes Available. Once the process of unstaking LUNA has been started, you will not receive any staking rewards. You cannot do anything to your tokens during this time.

A small amount of Available LUNA needs to be on the wallet in order to pay for the transaction fees.


How to Unstake LUNA Tokens

Access Staking Menu

Open your Terra (LUNA) Wallet. Tap on Stake to access the Staking Menu and then tap on Unstake.

Input Unstake Amount

Put in the LUNA Amount that you want to unstake, or tap on Max to select all tokens. Tap on Next to proceed.

By default, the app will show the validator where your tokens are staked. If you have staked tokens on several validators, tap on the arrow to the right of the Validator to see the list of validators.

Confirm the Transaction


  • You will not receive any staking rewards.
  • The unstaking of your tokens will take 21 days before they become available.

Review the Unstake LUNA transaction. To proceed, tap on Confirm to submit it to the network. Once the transaction is confirmed, you can check the remaining time before the LUNA tokens become available. Go to the Staking status screen and look for the Pending item.