How to use BUSD on ERC20

I bought BUSD on the ERC20 network but can’t do anything with it. What’s the best way to use it?

I was considering sending to a metamask wallet.

Can someone assist?

So I figured out how to use my ERC-20 version of BUSD.

I did not bridge on Binance (because I’m forced to use BinanceUS) nor did I use other platforms external to Trust Wallet.

What I did, was I used the BUSD to by ETH using UNISWAP.

You access UNISWAP the same way you’d access PANCAKESWAP.

The catch is you’d need to have about $250 of ETH to make the transaction work because the ERC network is Uber expensive. It cost me $230 to swap the BUSD for ETH but it worked and it was fairly simple.

Hope this helps someone.