How to use Trust Wallet with Extra Finance

We’re excited to announce that ExtraFi, an Optimism native leveraged yield farming & lending protocol, has officially integrated with Trust Wallet, offering users a seamless and highly secure farming experience. Now users can unlock the power of Trust Wallet’s features alongside ExtraFi by simply visiting our website at

For those eager to explore the optimal utilization of Trust Wallet alongside ExtraFi, our latest blog post is here to assist you. In this blog, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of utilizing Trust Wallet with ExtraFi.

How to connect and use Trust Wallet with Extra Finance

Step 1. Go to ExtraFi

Click on the ”Connect Wallet” button in the top-right corner of ExtraFi’s User Interface.

Step 2. Select Trust Wallet

You will get to choose from the list of ExtraFi’s supported crypto wallets. Select Trust Wallet to connect your Trust Wallet to ExtraFi.

(Check this guide to learn how to create a Trust Wallet account.)

Step 3. Scan the QR Code from the Trust Wallet app

After selecting Trust Wallet, you will receive a QR code. Scan the QR code from your Trust Wallet mobile app to connect to ExtraFi.

Open your Trust Wallet app on your mobile device, and go to Settings > Scan QR code to access the QR reader. Scan the QR code shown on ExtraFi’s desktop app and connect your Trust Wallet.

Users will need to have Trust Wallet installed on their mobile device before connecting it to ExtraFi, or users can download the Trust Wallet extension to connect.

Using Trust Wallet with Extra Finance

After connecting Trust Wallet to ExtraFi, you can now use it to perform:

  1. Leverage yield farming (Farm tab)

By offering up to 7x leverage, Extra Finance enables users to farm a diverse range of farming pools with customized farming strategies such as re-investing, market-neutral, or farming with a long/short viewpoint.

  1. Lending (Lend tab)

Users can deposit assets into lending pools to earn interest on their deposited assets. It provides users with a way to earn passive income.

  1. Staking $EXTRA tokens (Staking tab)

Users can stake $EXTRA tokens to ExtraFi’s staking pool to:

  • Earn weekly APR rewards
  • Unlock a higher leverage rate(up to 7x)
  • Unlock the one-click rebalance feature
  • More benefits for veEXTRA holders coming soon

Note: Leveraged yield farming can be risky, as it involves borrowing funds to invest in a volatile market. Users should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

That’s all it takes to establish the connection and start utilizing Trust Wallet with Extra Finance.

Happy farming, everyone!

About Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet is a secure and decentralized crypto wallet that allows users to buy, sell and store crypto assets. It’s an easy to use, true multi-chain, self-custodial wallet, which allows users to store and manage millions of crypto assets, including NFTs. Trust Wallet currently supports 68 blockchains and has an App that includes features such as native staking and a built-in Web3 browser.

About Extra Finance
Extra Finance is a community-driven leveraged yield farming (LYF) and lending protocol built on Optimism. By offering up to 7X leverage, Extra Finance enables users to farm a diverse range of farming pools on Velodrome and other Dexes. Users can customize their farming strategies with options like re-investing, market-neutral, and long/short farming strategies. In addition to LYF, Extra Finance also functions as a lending protocol. Users can deposit funds into its lending pools to earn interest on their deposited assets. This feature provides users with a way to earn passive income.

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