Hi.Hello, I staked my solana currency in this trustwallet wallet more than a month ago, but unfortunately after more than a month, my solana currency is still staked and I cannot withdraw my solana currency and my currency is still unstaked. Why has my solana currency stake taken so long? I want to withdraw my solana currency along with its bonus, but it keeps repeating two days, two days, stake. Please unstake my currency as soon as possible. I staked my currency with the trust of trustwallet, otherwise, if I had known that the stake of my currency would take so long, I would not have staked it at all. Now I don’t know how or who to tell to unstake my solana currency. I don’t want to have more currency in stake than this. I need my solana currency, along with the profit and bonus of its stake period. Thank you, please guide me so that I can withdraw my solana currency. I am really nervous. Why stake so much? Is it long and repeated and repeated and repeated?


@faree32 You need to have available solana in your wallet as fees in order for you to unstake.

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