I accidently sent crypto to my own wallet adress from my wallet but they didn't came back to my wallet. How do I fix this?


As I mentioned in the title, I accidentally sent ApeToken from my wallet to my own wallet address. This means that the From and To wallet addresses are the same. I thought I would just lose the transaction fee and eventually get my money back but it’s not happening. As you can see in my bscscan profile I did not get the tokens back.

How do I solve this problem, How can I get my money back?

If anyone knows anything or can help me out, I’d be very grateful.

Necessary informations are listed below, please tell me if you need anything else.

TrustWallet App Version: 7.0 (610)
ApeToken Contract: 0xa9eA4b786ee5b7A733c035564Bfd9341A4c9FC1e
My Wallet Adress: 0x469ac9721e63bc181bad36ca70844a8eafef46f6
Adress that I sent: 0x469ac9721e63bc181bad36ca70844a8eafef46f6
Thx of mentioned transaction: 0x8ed2db8599c5c88a1e7334c0c233d4db43d5fdb16ff83da13645f84b9bbe3136
Url of transaction:

WalletAdress QR:

@someuser7852 after sending to your own address and received successfully… you did another transaction and sent out to another address, here’s transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x59782c9256ef3ac95ca38b9e4bf22c604ab069b80cb11e34801f3117d0206d70