I am a beginner and here is what I did for the 12/24 keyword phrases I should watch out for

a trust wallet is a decentralized wallet.
Prioritize backup of 12/24 keywords and keep it safe, that’s the solution a beginner should know.
keep it confidential, don’t tell others.

may be useful


Yes phrase should be written on a paper or dairy or note.

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Always keep safe your 12/24 words recovery phrases. They are like key of your wallets.

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Only say goodbye. Very sad :cry:

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I flag this post because its a short and bad version of article that already wroted by team and more helpfull. Many people think here that they help others by create many topics about one thing. Its a big mistake. Just reply to those who seek with link on proper post/thread. By make more threads you confuse people, when the search real info.


on paper or by the way you take screenshots and save them on your private google drive which is safe


Screenshots not a good idea because the app/program you use will have a copy


Your keys, your funds… Don’t forget that!

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Screenshots are not safe too… So it’s better to save offline like notepad and copy to pen drive is an option too