I am having difficulty in sending and swapping funds in my wallet

Hello, I tried sending 50$ from my wallet it’s saying insufficient lfunds when I have more than 2000usdt. And I am also finding difficulty to swap.


@Ehi You need to pay gas fees for transactions done, please check what chain you are sending on to know which token you’d pay for the gas.
Please note the fees are charged by the blockchain and not Trust wallet.

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How is this fee paid?
Can’t it be deducted from the funds in my wallet?

Because am trying to send from my USDT ERC20
And it’s showing insufficient funds to pay charges

@Ehi Please read the guide I sent above, you’d need to pay ETH as gas fees.

I can’t get across to you please
Is there other channel to reach you? Because I really need to resolve this.

@Ehi That’s an impersonator, please no one from Trust wallet would initiate private chats.