I can’t find private key and wallet address

Hi I’m trying to buy XRP through Xcoins and want to put in Trust Wallet. It asks for wallet address and destination tag. As I remember. I found the receive code on trust Wallet. Don’t want to make mistakes. Looks like the destination code is the receiving code but I still need the wallet address. Is this correct? I’m still a bit confused even though I read a lot of threads. And when does the private key come in and how do I find that? I looked in settings for main wallet but didn’t see the 3 dots that were mentioned. If you could help clear up these couple of things, I think I have an idea how it works. Thanks Paul.


Hello @LHPP,

There is no need to enter a destination tag, you can simply submit the wallet address that is displayed from the Trust Wallet app. Also, the Ripple network will freeze your 20 XRP in order to activate your wallet, thus, make sure you transfer more than 20 XRP to your wallet.

To get your private key, you need to use your recovery phrase and derive it using this website (you can run it offline if you want): BIP39 - Mnemonic Code

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