I can’t receive XMR on my wallet

Hello, my friend sent me XMR token on my new trust wallet. I activate XMR on my wallet. It already passed like 10 hours since he made transaction, there is no XMR on my account, can you help please

Images of confirmed transaction and my XMR wallet address in attached.


@Liya27 Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).

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Hello my wallet address for XRMT to receive is


And hash for transaction is


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  • Can you send a screenshot of the QR code of the address where you sent this XMR?

  • Also, how did you able to send the native XMR to this address as it is not native XMR address and Trust wallet doesn’t support native XMR blockchain.

  • Where was it coming from?
    Was it an exchange or another wallet.


XMR address with screen shoot is attached

It have the same logo and the same initials, why then is it placed in wallet if it’s not XMR it make people confused …?

My friend made this transaction from Monero wallet to my trust wallet, it belong the same Eth. blockchain then I think there will be no problem to solve this transfer.

Hope for your understanding and prompt reply ![image|231x500](upload://ouHQfbaJH4TZC1KAsoK7a0aDVjD.jpeg)

Hello Alan,
I didn’t get any reply from my previous post. I sent you qr code of XMR and expect to solve the issue with the transfer that I didn’t find in my account. All hash are attached in previous messages

Thank you

I still waiting for reply, why no one give me a respond for my last letter , I can’t get transfer from Monero wallet. All qr codes and hash of the transaction are included in previous messages

Is there someone who will help me with the transfer of XMR that I didn’t get on my wallet.


Those funds are lost. Your friend sent monero to wrong network. XMRT in trust wallet is not Monero. It is some token on ethereum network.

Why then it’s written that it’s Monero ? If you find XMRT in trust wallet it’s written Monero token… this foolish information make people confused and make them lost money. Maybe that’s the reason to place this token in this wallet so the people could lost their money

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