I cannot complete process

I finally found the download for the app but it asks, import account, create a new account or watch address. I have already created the account with trust wallet so which one do I click on?I clicked on import account and it asks for private key, mnemonic or Keystore Files so which one do I click on? Again, do you have telephone technical support? If you do not then I guess I should find another broker who has time and resolve to help it customers.


Yes there is technical support. Look for Trust wallet and talk to them via email

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It very easy… You choose the option that suit you best if you have an account before,you will just import it using any of d option there

So the method of import depends on you… You can import using mnemonic

And if you dont have an account click create new account…

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Sorry for the problem you had to go through…

Let us know if we could be of help more

Thanks for your joining us

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Hello @rodwayjohng,

Since you mentioned this one, you need to press import and use the backup of your mnemonic/recovery phrase in order to access the wallet.