I cannot send BTC

I have an issue with sending BTC.

I have some BTC in my Trust Wallet which I am able to see - both in terms of balance and in terms of asset value. However, when I try to send it, the app says that I do not have any coins. By clicking “BTC” the app shows that I have 0 BTC, which is not true as I am able to see BTC in the app as well as on the blockchain explorers.

What should I do and how to fix this issue?

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@Glavias Please update your app and try it again.

@Tobi I am currently on the latest version of the app.

I had an issue with not being able to see coins and balance but after - the last thread but I updated the app and that issue got fixed. However, now I cannot sent BTC, as described above.

Importing to another phone does not fix this issue .

@Glavias I’d advise you open a support ticket then through your Trust app or at support.trustwallet.com