I cannot send my funds out!

I’ve never used USDT TRC20 before. This is my first time. Can someone help me out pls?

I have enough funds there and I tried to send USDT TRC20 to a similar wallet but it keeps saying not enough tron (trx) to cover network fees. How do I change network fees so I can move my funds.

I then used binance to transfer twice to same trust wallet USDT TRC20 wallet…but same issue.

How can I send, swap or exchange my USDT TRC20. I need to usd it.

My wallet: TYjN2xsmPR3ejyrDt3f3MTkoMJaRtFozRK

Hello to send out your TRC20 USDT, you’ll need to have TRX in your wallet to serve as the gas fees.
Learn more:

I’ve tried to get the trx, it’s not possible. I transfered from Binance to trx and the funds kept going into the USDT TRC20 wallet. How do I fix this??

Is there no way to exchange from my USDT to TRX in my trust wallet? Your portal to purchase TRX has a minimum of $50. This isn’t fair at all. I need less than $1.5 for network fees and I have to purchase $50 TRX to transfer $230 USDT TRC20.

It doesn’t make sense.

How can I fix this please!?

You need to send TRON (TRX) to your wallet to cover the gas fees.


Done! Thanks.

Abit complicated but I was able to get it resolved. I still got excess TRX.