I can't transfer my USDT(TRC20), need TRX

I have some USDT on my TrustWallet, sent from Binance via TRC20 network and noticed I cannot exchange it within the app. Now if I want to withdraw the amount back to my exchange I need to pay a fee in TRX which I do not have. I need to buy 50$(minimum?!) in TRX just to cover the 1.1$ withdrawal fee…


This is my trx receive adress i need 7.1 trx as fees to transfer my usdts to binance… Or please tell me how i can buy 8 trx in trust wallet?
By the way, I’m new to these jobs,I don’t have money on another exchange, unfortunately, therefore I can’t transfer tron.

sorry for my bad english already because i cant speak english :slight_smile:

Hi @d2kabal,

To get TRX:

Hi. I have the same problem :confused: I don’t have TRX and i cant do anything. Could someone help me? I need 7.1 TRX to send IT back. TXCFu9wgnkD2XgVYzcg8UAPHDtrebkcdxr this is my usdt TRX Wallet…

But the usdt trc20 address is same as the TRX address, I tried using the TRX but it the coins added to the usdt trc20 wallet

It is indeed the same. Sending USDT (TRC20) to your TRX address won’t automatically convert it to TRX. You need to send TRX only.

I also have the same problem, i cant withdraw because I dont have TRX, can somebody help by telling me how to get 7.1trx so i can cover the fee.
TNoamWum11TNxYdPHphRfjQAnokZ3cg9sw - trx wallet

Depositing $50 for 7 tron(1.1$) ​​is ridiculous are u serious really ???

It is ONE of the options. You have various methods in acquiring TRX. Feel free to follow those if you are not comfortable in getting $50 worth of TRX via the buy option in the app.