I can't visualise my Bad idea token in my wallet!

Hi everyone? Can someone help me fix a issue with my bad token? I was seeing after but it disappears.


thank you


Hello @dimadeo
What token are you referring to here?
Can you explain further?

Bad Idea… @Tobi
thank you mate!
I have no idea what could happens :sunglasses: Just it disappears …

Your token name is ( BAD IDEA ) ? are you trolling ?..

Hey , I was checking etherscan and it seems my tokens was stolen… can you help to check and how can I get it back? it seems weird …

etherscan /tx/0xb29ada3ce15447dc03ccf7e073ff2a13b8459311e178b0b274f0449c78b8d0ef

thank you

You can’t get it back

see :