I Can't Withdraw Ontology (ONT) Funds

I am trying to withdraw ONT from my wallet. There are 100 total I tried moving half of them out but when I tried it says insufficient ONT to cover network transactions. There are plenty ONT to cover the transaction how can I get them out?

My Trust Wallet app is all updated and there are plenty of ONT to cover the fees. I have not had any other issues like this with any other coins. Not sure what to do about this any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!


The fee to send ONT is ONG. This project uses a dual token type.
Learn more here:
To confirm further, what is your ONT address?

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Thank you for fast response. Let me know what you figure out with the address.

And how about Cosmos I have the same issue trying to unstake cosmos it said not enough to cover fees again there’s more than enough thanks

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There is no ONG available on the wallet to pay for the fees.
I sent you some so that you can send you ONT.

For your Cosmos, it could be the same situation.
You need at least 0.001 ATOM to make a transaction.
It is all explained on the article link that I provided.


Thank you so much!! The transaction worked perfectly now I absolutely understand the importance of learning more about the crypto I buy and trade! You guys are the best!


I am having the same problem with ONT and only sending it to binance where I have Ong and Ont.
also reading this thread it concerns me that you don’t check the staking people. Trust wallet?
I wish to send my ONT to AMmLML4e44E54RNGj6nTqKVFXGVxzaxkgK

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