I converted BNB to safemoon via Pancakeswap and its not showing in trust wallet

I am having this same issue as well. I converted BNB to safemoon via Pancakeswap and its not showing in trust wallet. How can I find where it is?

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What if I converted BNB to Safemoon? Safemoon doesnt even show up in Trust wallet for me and it has been about an hour since Ive done the transaction.

Hi @roicebe9,

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.
  • Enable SAFEMOON. To access it, tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for SAFEMOON, and enable the one with BEP20. You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin
  • Use WiFi with a strong internet connection instead of mobile data for the app to display the correct balance. If it won’t work, use WiFi + VPN as well.

Happened the same to me this morning. I already had some safemoon so I bought more through Pancake it wasn’t added to the wallet. I have the BSN contract. I need help please.

I got 0.344 BNB into my Trust Wallet and cannot use it to buy Safemoon because Pancakeswap shows that I don’t have any BNB at all. What can I do? Why is it not showing up in Pancakeswap? Also, I have tried to convert BNB to smart chain but it says I have insufficient funds. What is the minimum to convert that and should I do that first or is BNB enough to buy Safemoon?


I can help you if you have discord that way I can sign in and share my screen then you would be able to help others. Just screen record what I do once I sign in so that you can remember incase it happens again.

What info do you need from me? I can send you screen shots of what I am seeing on my end. Would that help?

I can’t send you screenshots so what do I need to do? I also cannot send you my email address so I dont know how else I can show you.

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I had same problem, and today is day 1 of crypto for me, so I’m not sure if this was the best method but it worked. I had big issues with doing the Swap function in the Trust Wallet itself - balance went missing for over an hour and then refunded, less a transaction fee. I had to transfer back to Binance, then immediately back to Trust Wallet but this time on the smart chain, when it arrived in trust wallet it was usable by pancake swap. However, you have to link your wallet to pancake swap which was my next obstacle. When you go into the pancake swap Swap menu, you’ll see an ethereum icon top right next to the three dots…switch it to smart chain.

Make sure the BNB that you have is Smart Chain (dark logo)

If you have the BNB (yellow logo), you can cross-chain swap it.

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