I converted my BNB to ETH using pancake swap but did not received ETH in my wallet

Hello. I used pancake swap to convert my BNB smart chain to ETH but did not received it even though it shows successful. Can someone please help me.
This is my transaction hash.



Same issue on my side for bnb - eth swap and bnb - trx swaps on pancakeswap.
Eth and trx qty not updated since the swap yesterday.
Quick support and resolution would be appreciated for those same issues happening for many users.


same here i buy usdt bep20 to eth but till now I havent recieved my eth … Can someone help?

Please search this token contract in your Trust Wallet

Binance peg ETH - Contract


Many tokens swapped in pancake swap are usually peg tokens or wrapped.

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Same thing happened to me. No how to convert this binance peg eth to real eth coin?

It is still the real Eth its in the smart chain network. Thats why its call Binance Peg-ETH which means you can use this in pancakeswap staking and other Binance platforms you wish to use and it will use BNB for fees. Otherwise if you want it back on ETH network use the DEX in trust wallet to change it back to ETH back remindrler once changed back in ETH network will no longer be usable or used on Smart chain platforms such as Bunnyswap, Packcakeswap and other Dapps.


From: Binance-Peg ETH

Approve and then swap the quantity. Trust Wallet is a real good platform, have a good one :slight_smile:

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I am also phasing the same problem. Please tell me what you do now. Please


Hey whats the issue,

If you have transferred any coin to trust wallet ensure you have searched token such as Binance-Peg ETH coin and enabled it in your Trust wallet.

Be mindful that ETH is a Peg token cos its identified in the smart chain network and can be used on platforms such as pancakeswap bunnyswap and others. Once you have enabled it in trust you can now use it as you wish. If you want to change back to ETH network. Use the DEX in trust wallet to change
from Binance-Peg ETH (Smart chain)
To ETH (Ethereum) networks.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: same goes for other tokens search them on trust and enable them. If you want to know legit contract I use coinmarketcap. Search tokens and get legit contract addys! Peace :slight_smile:

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Bro I had enable binance peg eth but my ammount is not showing. Tell me how to get refund

I wanted to buy Shib token that’s why I withdrawal money from binance to trust wallet but it was not credited in my trust wallet

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Hello Fluffy. Thanku.
I found it in binance-peg ethereum. But using DEX i’m unable to swap it to ETH. It keeps on asking token you pay and token you get when i select these.

You will have to peg out (bridge) your token for it to be enabled to convert from Binance chain - Smart Chain

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I am swapping my usdt in bnb but he asked to approve usdt.
What does it mean please tell me.

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Approving is like enabling the token to transfer between each coin. There will be a fee associated with this which you will confirm.

In this community search ‘Peg out’ or what are Peg tokens and there is a write up on converting Peg tokens to Smart chain to Ethereum and understanding on what these are.

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Please help in this. I used ETH to buy Akita but it went on error and did not reverted back. Please check this transaction


Hey it had used a big amount of gas. When ever you use ethereum platform be prepared that the gas fees can be rather high. For example it has reverted your transaction but its fee was more. Best thing to do is if a transaction like this is still processing change gas to Nil so it reverts your transaction and does not take fee

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For future reference this is the legit akita contract on ethereum network

AKITA contract

( this is from CoinMarketCap legit contracts) make sure you always interact with legit contracts.

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Is there any chance to get it back fluffy? As I’m still wondering what to do with this transaction