I created a new Wallet, How do I move?

I think my original wallet has been compromised. I created a new wallet with a new pass phrase and wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in my safe. The only place it exists on my phone is in the Trust APP settings.

How do I move the rest of my assets to the new wallet and are there any fees involved?


Hi, @jimc91 you have to transfer you tokens one by one from old wallet to new wallet.
Transaction fees will be incurred for each transaction.

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My wallet was compromised I think, still not 100% all I know is my ether was transferred all of it. I did notice some weird stuff like my NFT disappeared and then my balances of some coins went really high. I was connected to opensea on my PC and it was freezing. Anyhow minutes later I saw a transfer i did not do. Help transferring as don’t want to put ETH for gas fees to move? They only took eth. Or did I do something in open sea? So new to this and confused

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Did you fix this? I am having a similar problem when recovering a wallet