I did not receive the BABYDOGE transfer that I made through OKX


I made the transfer of 13574886939.539 BABYDOGE from my OKX account to Trust Wallet, but the amount did not go to my account. Thanks in advance and please help. He follows:

  1. OKX withdrawal confirmation email:

Withdrawal approved

We’ve received your withdrawal request on 2022-01-21 04:58 of 13574886939.539 BABYDOGE. The order number is 26190441.

  1. Application version 5.4. Print attached.

  2. receiving address from my Trust Wallet and print


  3. I don’t have the link but I’ll leave the App and Email confirmation prints I received from OKX

  1. print s of wallet

Hello please note that you sent the Babydoge on the Okex network which is not supported by Trust wallet.
You would need to find a wallet that supports it and import your recovery words there.

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i have the same problem , i sent it on OEC network and i should send it on bsc , i dont know how to get it back anyone pls help ?


Hi I got a problem also I sent XRP to BEP XRP CONTRACT ADDRESS can you please help me

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I forgot to say the most important thing. when you download the MathWallet5 App you have to enter your private key in that app. Then your TrustWallet wallet is transferred into the MathWallet5 app

hi Alan how are you? I managed to solve this issue that generated the topic by downloading the MathWallet5 App wallet and inserting my Trust Wallet key into it. But I have another problem that if you can shed some light I would appreciate it. On OKEX my BabyDogeCoins were worth $79.00 and on Mathwaller they are worth $0.0000. And I can no longer send them or swap to convert into Okex or another currency. If you know why, please shed some light. I thank you for being here helping people

downloads the MathWallet5 App and selects the Okex network. Then add a new token and paste the token contract link you lost. it worked for me

hi my friend , i send my babydoge from okex to my trust wallet , on OEC network , i should send it on BSC , so how can i get it back , pls help me .

your answer helped me a lot. I also found another tutorial that guided me to download the Math 5 app that has a connection with OKEX. I managed to recover all the tokens but there is still a very strange thing. By OKex my 13574886939.539 BABYDOGE tokens were worth $79.00 and by Math 5 they are worth 0,0000… Do you happen to know why? Thanks in advance for helping.

@Bernardo80 you have to contact MathWallet support for price display issue.

My friend we made an ugly mistake. We should have converted that into dollars for our bank accounts. We lost a fantastic profit. Now that coin just goes downhill. Well I will explain to you what I did to recover my coins. You will need to download MathWallet 5 (there is also an App). When you open the wallet, import your private key from Trust Wallet to the Math 5 wallet. Then just select the Okex symbol. You will need to buy OKT at Okex and send to your Math5 wallet if you want to resend your Baby Doge back to your Okex wallet.