I didn't receive my bnb

Someone sent bnb to my trustwallet but I’m yet to receive it. It is more than 6 hours now
I have been checking my wallet hoping to receive it but it shows that the transaction has been completed on bsc scan


i have swapped my bnb to safemoon and it just disappeared and i didnt get any safemoon… so my bnb is gone and i got nothing in return

Same problem here except I bought straight from inside trust wallet using simplex. Nobody is responding to this and it has me worried trust wallet might be scamming us

Please Mr. Jordus, all you need to do is to be patient! Your bnb is on its way! We are working on it. Thanks for understanding. We are working hard on it.

same here I made 2 different buys within 24hrs and I have not gotten either. Plus they will not return my emails

Please who did you contact?I need to solve this issue. I can’t let my money go

Anyone know when your going to be able to withdraw bnb ? Bit confused on what I do with money I have deposited as wanted to buy safemoon

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…did u get your safemoon

i msg trust and theethe people that charged me for the bnb. I just got my 400 dollar bnb now I just waiting on my 150 that i bought yesterday

Did you manually add the custom token ti TW? Just in case you dont know you hav to add the token with the contract address for SM

Hi there can someone help me please I just changed my dnb to smart contract BnB and the both the money is gone and I can’t see my balance and balance is zero can somebody tell me what’s happening here please

In my trust wallet bought some pika token on uniswap 2 weeks ago and I can’t find them anywhere as my balanced is zero can anyone tell me why I was showing what to do how to get my token please

I bought BNB from simplex, and I haven’t received it yet in trust wallet…

I bought BNB from simplex through trust wallet and have not received it

Same to me too,I don’t know what hat is going on, almost 24hrs now still yt to receive my BNB

I transferred my bnb over from coinspot to trust wallet yesterday and its not showing up can some one please tell me what is happening?!

I’ve already put money in bnb but y’all are having issues verifying my identity. The Address on my ID is not current. Am I able to get that money back??

The same here! I swapped my BNB to BNB smart chain but then it disappeared and nothing since…

I made withdrawal from Binance BEP2 few hours ago to my trust wallet. I got confirmation from Binance saying transaction was successful but nothing is reflected in my wallet. My BNB in trust wallet is still zero. Please help

Add myself to this. Fees were taken out. I’ll wait for it to return to my account

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