I do not receive KAVA back

Hello!! On 26 dec 2020 I Stake some Kava (img. 1), but on 05.01.2021 I unstake it. So, today is 18.01.2021, but I do not receive any kava back. Is there any problem? I should I do to receive it back? Thank you!!

The address of “Undelegate” is kava1s9t2rx9my4c3g8ejf4r2hhnz9rqkftgtt0mhw2.

Thank you!

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You unstaked before the 21 days period was due, it will take more period of time for you to receive it back in your wallet. So be patient and keep checking.

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Hi @twittecot,

It is still unstaking, please wait for it.

You can check here: Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

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