I don't know how to send HT to other addresses

Transfer ETH to the address in the trustwallet application: 0x49C57Fdf4Ee44D9C2A3fD22B7A4D416D87196EE6. I obtained HoubiToken (HT) later, and now I transferred the 750 HT in the trustwallet application to my Huobi professional address: 0xd2bb5ac269e83a6cf4e03279111670. The trustwallet shows that it has been sent, but the HT has not been received in the Huobi address.

My trustwallet app address is: 0x23d2E736421E3FF753B2E2E91BAf813d1e0E590C
How to correctly transfer all 750 HTs in the trustwallet app to my Huobi pro address: 0xd2bb5ac269e83a4cf4e031fb11d39db2791a6670?

Hi @chinaRedfish,

Please be informed that the HuobiToken (HT) that you have right now is a fake one. The fake token has the contract address of 0xb6bf8da00b6230c4ee95d7d1af82c0d1162f2fac while the legitimate one is 0x6f259637dcd74c767781e37bc6133cd6a68aa161

You can check here:

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Does the monetary value in this fake HT have value? How can such counterfeit currency exist?

Looks like this fake token is not being traded anywhere. Thus, there is no monetary value.

Anyone can create tokens in the Ethereum blockchain, so there is a possibility of getting a fake token if not double-checked properly. It looks like you got the fake ones from this address 0x737be4ce2e3f306d6591e591311dad5a15e058d6, perhaps, you got it via an airdrop or something.

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