I don't know what to do in order to swap my USDT with BNB

Hi @iamdeadlyz ,I have recently sent some USDT to my wallet but I don’t have BNB to cover up the fees.I can t transfer them back to binance also because of the fees and I m not able to swap them with anything.Can somebody please help me…


Hello @Crypto4,

Do you need Smart Chain BNB (BEP20) or BNB (BEP2)?

To get Smart Chain BNB, you can buy via the third-party crypto provider that is integrated into the app (guide: How to Buy Crypto With Trust Wallet) or by withdrawing from an exchange (example: Binance - Cryptocurrency Exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins).

You can do the same thing for BNB (BEP2) ^^


Ah, so you need Smart Chain BNB for that one. Please read and understand my previous response ^^^

@iamdeadlyz Can you please send some BNB to cover up this fee?I want to return the money to binance ,can t buy anymore bnb due to lack of money

Sorry, don’t have a spare. To get Smart Chain BNB, you need to either:

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I am having the same issues but i don’t if anybody can just help me out. Just $1 or $2 smartchain bnb. Here is my wallet id