I don't understand what is means

Please what is token .


Please do study about crypto market. :books:

Simply I can say coin have own Blockchain but token have not Blockchain, using others Blockchain. :speaking_head:


Token is what you got from participating in a project like Airdrops and giveaways, then if the token is listed on any exchange you can trade it for BTC, ETH and USD or USDT. That is my own opinion about it :ok_hand:


Thanks I appreciate…


A Crypto Coin is a crypto asset (crypto asset refers to all kinds of cryptos) that has its own blockchain, as opposed to running on another crypto asset’s blockchain. You could also call a crypto coin a cryptocurrency.

The best known example of a coin in the blockchain space is Bitcoin, the original crypto coin/cryptocurrency. Other examples include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero.

On the other hand, a Token is the opposite: it runs on another blockchain.

The best known example of this is the ERC20 token, which is any token that uses the Ethereum blockchain.

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