I forgot put memo and my bnb hasnt arrived help me

Hi i put bnb adress and i forgot put memo and my bnb hasnt arrived help me what should i do

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Hi @Heliakz,

Are you transferring BNB to an exchange like Binance? Or, you are trying to receive BNB via the wallet address in the Trust Wallet app?

Yeah me ho, im forgot tO put memo and my bnb still lost At destination Wallet

@CaptainCasper, what is the destination wallet? Is that your deposit address on Binance or other exchange?

Thanks for Ur responce

I transfered my 30,9 BNBs tO exchanger Account
INDODAX app but i forgot tO put memo from 2 days ago and now still not delivered

I already Contact them and i suggested tO send my id trx but i cant Find it At my Wallet

How i can Find that Trx Id


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My deposit address on INDODAX exchange


Open the Trust Wallet app > select BNB > press the transaction where you sent BNB > press “MORE DETAILS” > you can now copy your TxHash