I have not received my ETH coins

Hi, I have been sent a transaction in ETH, which has already received all the necessary confirmations, but I have not yet been credited the amount. This is the Hash:


Hello friend,

Your transaction has been completed and sent to this address 0xd1e644c7f69b079e5625cc07179bca53bf2e4d58.
Confirm if that is the address you sent to and if you have access to this address.

yes … this is my correct address, and the amount I should have received has not yet been credited

Yes … this is my address and I have access to my wallet, but I haven’t received the amount on my wallet yet

Look at this receiving address Address 0xd1e644c7f69b079e5625cc07179bca53bf2e4d58 | Etherscan

You have received above 2ETH but some ETH had also been moved out or used for whatever transaction since 25th, so confirm if you actually have access to that wallet, else update the App.

The other transactions I received are not subject to dispute and I do not understand why they are listed by you … the only thing I want is that the transaction that shows the following hash, is credited to my ETH wallet. I confirm that I have access to my wallet and I have the updated App. I repeat … answer me and solve the problem only for the following hash. Thanks !


Hi @Polymar, as stated by @Ugodspecial earlier, you already received the ETH and you used those (check the “OUT”) for your transactions already.

I haven’t got my ETH at all.