I have not received my ethereum

Hello to everybody. I bought ETH through Etherscan. The transaction went through successfully, but there are still no funds credited to my wallet. How should I proceed please? Thank you.

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@pastik Can you please explain what you mean by bought through etherscan?

I just bought a small amount of ETH, I’m sending a screenshot, it’s been 4 days, but I still don’t have funds in my wallet, while my credit card has been charged.

Sorry, i cant input media items, but here you have my transaction number which you can find in etherscan network.


@pastik You bought ETH but it was sent out the same day.
Do you recognize the transaction?

Yes, this is my transaction for sure. ==============================================================================================

@pastik That means you sent it out and your Ethereum isn’t missing then

I understand that, but the problem is that I don’t see the amount of ETH in my wallet

@pastik Can you share a screenshot


There should be 0,0087 ETH from 23.12 which youcan see as my first transaction, but but nothing happened