I have some USDT ERC20 in my Trust Wallet, but when i connect it to the AAVE app, this doesn’t show my balance at all

Hi mates,

sorry for asking this kind of question here again.
I installed my trust wallet 24 hours ago.
I bout only a small amount of USDT (ERC 20) on the trust wallet (50$).
But when I connect to the AAVE App, this does not show my balance at all in the AAVE App

I´m new to this Defi-word , I searched the Web for the answer and saw that related topic, but that was not a help because I have ERC20 token:

thank in advance for any help & Happy new Year

Hello @niso2227
AAVE is on a different network from the ERC20 network hence why your ETH isn’t shown there.

Thanks for your respond @JennyMillan,

sorry to asking again…

But it sad in the link above: “… Upon checking, the USDT that you have is a BEP20 token, not an ERC20 token”

So I understood that I need to buy USDT as ERC20
And I Did not bought ETH, I just have USDT (Tether) on my wallet

thanks in advance