I lost 1 asset. How to return it

Please help me. I lost my assets. Can you return it?

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Can you please explain un details how you’ve got lost your assets? So that the community can give you a clear advice. Thanks


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I never sent anything to this address. But suddenly sent itself. Is this a theft or heck

And this is the thief’s address

And this is a screenshot of the transactions that occur. But I never sent one to another address.

If my $ SLP asset cannot be returned. Please delete that address. I beg

0xE095E936497880d6eF0019b0F98B427845C0D1f6 this my address sir

If you are not the one that did the transaction quickly transfer the token you have left to another address… And delete the wallet

the problem is theft adress. if possible this adress is banded for breaking my wallet

did you give your wallet 12-word phrase to anyone?
you should talk with the group that lunched the token if they can return your stolen coins from scammer address.

Noting. Only my addres are often posted. Does this matter?

Please help anyone. !!!

The only way your fund could have been transfer is when your private key or mnemonic phase as been exposed… Bast thing is to transfer the remaining fund you have in the wallet and delete it so that you wont mistakenly use it again