I lost my SAFEMOON funds while transferring them


Recently I tried to transfer some SAFEMOON tokens to my Metamask wallet from a Trust wallet, I have sent the tokens from the first wallet to my first wallet and the tokens have gone in the first wallet as shown in “Exhibit A”. And I only received 0.000000001 SAFEMOON on my second (target) wallet as shown in “Exhibit B”.

This is only 1 example of 3 transfers that I attempted doing and they all went the same.

The screenshot for each of those 3 wallets on BSCscan is attached as well. And the link of each transaction is below:

All screenshots can be located here:

Please your urgent support is needed regarding this issue!

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@Lawchak according to SafeMoon from December 29, 2021 any v1 token transfer/ swapping will have 100% tax.

Read more here: https://twitter.com/safemoon/status/1476198900717342724?s=21

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.

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So this basically means that I have lost everything? :open_mouth: How is this even possible?

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same here. Wrote to them over their website yesterday. This is outrageous. Any progress on your side yet ?

Hello, I did write to them too and they never replied to me. No actually I lost over 5000$ of funds because of this stupidity…

Thats what I expected. I wonder if their procedure is legal. There are many having this problem. although there arent that many posts here which makes me wonder. Read somewhere they are working on it but I doubt thats true. Have you heard what others do about this matter ?

Did a pancake swap smartchain to SAFEMOON
transaction is complete but did not receive the coins
TO MAKE IT WORSE, I lost all my Safemoon balance

is this fraud or in-related app issue??

@Denno Please be informed that the SAFEMOON devs have implemented a 100% tax on their old token.

Refer here: https://twitter.com/safemoon/status/1476198900717342724?s=21

For further inquiries, please reach out to them directly.

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does that justify losing all my safemoon balance
i think there is a leak

@Denno This isn’t a Trust wallet issue.
Safemoon made that announcement, you should contact their support team.

@JennyMillan Okay, let me do so. This is so absurd. I hope it get resolved