I Lost My tokens in trust wallet

Yesterday i bought mars space x around 166223 token using pancake swap but now its showing only 53149 where my rest of all token went. I need my full tokens. I purchase this token through my laptop (web).

Transaction hash: 0xe61f790ebe2a68e9bf9ec7f4a035ca100f3d3f605df11d433b2469630f32b48c

App version: 2.12

Hello @Manoj4 There is no problem with the app. This token has an elastic supply.
Elastic supply tokens have a changing circulating supply. The idea is that instead of price volatility, what changes is the token supply through events called rebases.
Simple explanation. Price goes up, less tokens. Price goes down, more tokens.
I suggest you to read and understand on tokenomics of any project before investing.