I made a mistake when choosing the transfer network when transferring money from my Binance account

Hello, I hope you have a good day.

I have made a transfer from my Binance account to a Coinbase Wallet to pay for a product online from my provider.

Unfortunately, I was wrong to choose the network, I should have chosen (ERC20) but I have used the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). My provider’s account only allows USDC currency and Ethereum transfer type (ERC20). The wallet number is correct.

This is the account where the money was directed

This is the TXID of the transaction

After several attempts to fix the problem with Binance and Coinbase. Finally Binance has informed us that Trust Wallet is the only one that can solve the problem because it is the intermediary of the transaction.

This is the link of the transaction that, as you can see, was done correctly, the operation was successful.

Is there a way to reverse the operation, direct it to the right network, put it back in my wallet, it seems that the money is in limbo.

Thank you very much for your commitment and attention

Have a nice day

Hello you sent from your Binance wallet to a Coinbase address.
This has nothing to do with Trust wallet.
Please contact the Coinbase team to assist with the deposit issue.
If they are not willing to recover your crypto, then you may consider it gone.

Hi.i made the same mistake.i transfered bnb from mexc to my trust wallet.but i put an other coin recieve address. What shall i do.please help me. Tnks

Hello @Yousefgolcheshmeh93 which one , Can you be more specific about the problem.