I made a transfer from the Okex exchange still pending

Hello Trust Wallet team @trust

I made a transfer from the Okex exchange on 01 December 2021
from: 0x16968946c45a8ed5fd23bd0d5c77db2a7457c0a4c623d0d77750a05d96e6d092

to my trust wallet address of: 0xC54b5038De2a74F1C5938E7B9190D5719E813f54

TXID (0x16968946c45a8ed5fd23 bd0d5c77db2a7457c0a4c6 23d0d77750a05d96e6d09)

Blockchain: okex oec
Baby doge coin token
55,257,372,241.06 still not receiving please check

Thank you!

Hello @Jatav
Trust wallet doesn’t support that blockchain you have sent through, you would need to find a wallet that supports it and import your recovery keys there to access those funds.

Tell me as an example can I transfer tokens to meta marks?
And can transfer let me send this payment back to the same account?

TXID (0x16968946c45a8ed5fd23 bd0d5c77db2a7457c0a4c6 23d0d77750a05d96e6d09

Trust wallet baby doge coin token :0xC54b5038De2a74F1C5938E7B9190D5719E813f54



I did the same thing :frowning: . I also read on another thread that there’s a reccomendation to contact Okex support.

Based on the advice here, I imported my Trust wallet Mnemonic phrase to create an OEC wallet. BABYDOGE, with address: (0xc639f7f74b5d353dbeb2b5c26adfddb9e69b0659). found the address on the Oklink site.

Thus far, the funds are not showing, however, I see the prior transaction in OEC, and it supports Kip20, which is the Okex coin format. It even propagated the info automatically when I added in the address and imported a “Custom token”.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping this does the trick.

Thank you so much for looking at my problem. Can you tell me what can I do and
How can I get my token?
Do you need more information? By okex oec?

No luck so far. But to attempt remediation you likely need to have a technical acumen and beyond what I mentioned above, I doubt anyone would be even more detailed than that. I’ll share if I happen to get it fixed, and let you know what I find. My OEC wallet is still empty. :confused:

Maybe contact okex as per my previous suggestion, unless you try mess around with diffirent wallets yourself. Unfortunately Trust wallet support will not really support this kind of issue, since it’s human error.

You just need to use the recovery phrase of the payment address to correctly import the OEC wallet and add the baby dog to display the token normally.

This is my okex oec wallet
You can transfer payment is wallet


Okay, follow these steps. If you fail to follow them, contact an IT person, who you can pay in order to do this.
Go to trust wallet, and fetch your Mnemonic code.
Install Mathwallet, and select Okexchain.
Select “Import wallet”
Add your wallet using the Mnemonics
Set your password
Once done, you will see your assets.
You likely need to add Babydoge coin seperately, by selecting “Add custom token”
The decimals are auto filled as is the token symbol etc and your coins should show.

Hi sir very good morning :blush:

Based on your instructions, I have created a wallet and my token is visible in it.

But I’m having a problem. The token balance is not showing due to which I am not able to transfer the funds.

guide me and tell me what should i do now so that i can transfer my token back to the same exchange