I need $0.14 Smart Chain (BNB) to send money to a friend in Ukraine

Hey guys

A friend of mine is currently in Ukraine and trying to get across the border to Moldova and from there to safety in the UK with me.

They need some money and I’ve got about $200 in my trust wallet account to send them but when I try to send it to my binance account to change into fiat etc it keeps saying I dont have enough smart chain (BNB). All I need is $0.14 - can anyone help?

My wallet ID is 0x583467444cC2ba649345Be2486314C57dc5419Fa and will gladly take the post down when someone send it so I dont get lots of people sending.

Many thanks in advance!


Hello @ldf1510
I just sent you some BNB.


Thanks @JennyMillan ! I’ll take the post down now! Thanks a lot in advanced. You’ve really helped someone in Ukraine.