I need a TXID missing in my transaction

I need a TXID that is missing in my transaction. When sending ETM coin from Trust Wallet to Hotbit Exchange.

Transaction Hash:

Please help and cooperate

Hello @Hamdi8222 Please contact the customer support of Hotbit so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Thanks for your response. You contacted Hotbit. They asked me TXID. Otherwise they can’t help me.

Please, may I know the reason why I did not get a TXID?
Hotbit Exchange They say we need TXID for you to get your coins back, otherwise it is not possible

@Hamdi8222 you already sent it on your previous reply above
From your reply above, this is your transaction ID: 0xaaa9e7a1bc0132c273d9d668baf7efbd0e7e545ae43e9233a8bfbb9f19a5245d