I only approved the RSR token to spendable. What should I do next?

Hello everyone,
I used the DApps feature in the trustwallet app to access Bitswap dex aggregator. I tried swapping RSR for USDC. The transaction shows complete in Etherscan yet the RSR never left my wallet and I never received the USDC. I asked someone from the etherscan community and they replied:
That’s because you only did an approval.

Automated Market Makers usually need two transactions in order to trade your tokens :

  1. Approve

You first call the ERC20 approve function to authorize the AMM to transfer your tokens on your behalf.

  1. Swap

Then you send a second transaction to exchange the tokens.

You only did the first step. Try to check on the Bitswap RSR/USDC pair if you can send the swap transaction.

But now, I don’t actually know what to do, or how to send the second authorization to swap. I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with bitswap or how this works. I guess I am asking how to perform the second part of this transaction, or if I can just somehow cancel it or start over or simply ignore it?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Here is the transaction hash: 0x3b52d2ff79d0b392f7bb1639a410017e1069883c041cbb96a10b53a5bc411c2f
Thanks TW community!

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Hi @TaylerM,

Since you are already done in approving your RSR token to be spendable, you can now proceed in swapping it. Enter the amount that you want to swap then press the swap button, confirm, and send it.

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okay awesome, thanks for the info! What if I have now changed my mind and don’t want to send it…can I just leave ignore it or do I need to cancel the transaction or anything?

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You can just ignore it :+1:

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Simple communication, simple answers. Thank you both.

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