I received an email about upgrading

Hello. I am new to trust wallet, a deposit was sent to my wallet and I received the following email:

Dear Customer

we’re facing issues completing your transaction into your wallet, due to low trade limit. Get your private wallet key updated to complete this transaction into your wallet. You must have received or transact at least 0.11BTC ($5000) into your Trust wallet private key wallet address to get your wallet updated to gold level and complete your pending transactions into your wallet before receiving the incoming funds. This is your upgraded wallet address to make the deposit:

I’m new to Trust Wallet. Can someone please help me?

Hello @Neptune007
Please note that the email you received is a scam and a known tactic which scammers use after giving you a watch wallet address.

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My deposit was supposedly made around 4:15am on May 15th, but I still haven’t gotten it. Is there a minimum amount that must be deposited and how long does it usually take for a deposit to show in your wallet?

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@Neptune007 Please note that there isn’t a minimum deposit required by the Trust ap.
Can you provide your transaction ID and receiving address?

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Hi Jenny,

I am unable to upload a copy of the sender’s receipt. The date on the receipt is from March which is interesting because I didn’t have this wallet in May, so this is a red flag for me. The sender advised they are in sponsorship with Trust Wallet and can only send to Trust Wallet when I provider a different wallet to have my funds deposited. I was also advised by the we sender that I would need to make a certain number of transactions before I receive my deposit. That almost sounds like the email I originally posted. I’m beginning to think they have not sent my deposit at all.

My Trust Wallet is:


@Neptune007 Unfortunately it seems you currently in talks with scammers who are trying to make you send money to them.
It’s best you cut your losses if you have sent any thing to them.