I received bitcoins with a very low transaction fee

I received 0.0019 bitcoins but its pending for over 2 days now. I checked the transaction on blockchain and the sender put a ridiculous low fee like 0.6 some satochis per bit. I practice trading on Binance since January 2020 ran out of funds and would like to use these funds now. What can I do with my trust wallet to speed up this transaction? How long will the tx be stuck?

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You can check this article on how to cancel BTC transactions.
Always make sure you are sending with enough fees if you are in a hurry.
We cannot really tell how long this transaction will remain stuck.
It all depends on how much is stuck on the BTC mempool.


To do a Replace By Fee for example I would have to change my wallet? Would the pending tx go with me? Is there anything I can do about this with my Trust Wallet?

Just wanted to clarify that Iā€™m the receiver of these funds, the one who sent them to me is a stranger.

If you are the receiver then there is nothing you can do.
You have to wait for the network process the transaction.

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I just found out you hid my post. Forget my question you guys are not willing to help an honest situation and a trust wallet user. Well I think I want to change my wallet now.

The transaction was flagged by someone on the group. We already gave a response to your concern.
This is beyond our control as you are the receiver of the Bitcoin.
The sender is the only one that can make the change in the transaction.

Hi, I have unconfirmed transactions for more that 12 days. Still stuck in blockchain. How to get it back to my my trust wallet. Not sure if this is the right place to ask questions. Thank you

Hello @NIsham28,

There is nothing to do right now aside from simply waiting for the miners to confirm your transaction.

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