I sent to the wrong address

Hi, I sent some dogecoins from Binance to Trust Wallet and then I wanted to send them back and I used the shipping address for the recipient, but it didn’t work, I tried to send mail to support and use steps to recover from the page , but it didn’t work or I don’t know how to do it, can you help me with that?

Version 1.26.5
I use this for the recipient which is the same as the one I sent

@iamdeadlyz is there any way to recover his lost funds? he sent dogecoins same as to his dogecoin receiving address…

Hi @Alex25tm,

Please do the following:

  • Open the app
  • Go to the settings
  • Select “Wallets”
  • Press the 3 dots near the wallet that you are using
  • Copy the dgub of Dogecoin
  • Then send it here

I’ve got the same problem.

2 weeks ago I sent some doges from my Binnance to my Trust wallet. Yesterday I wanted to transfer the dogcoins from my Trust wallet to my Binance but the addresses were suspended due to the app overload. So I used the received address from Binance for sending but it seems it goes somewhere else than my dogecoin address on Binanve, i guess your repository. Would you please refund the payment to my Trust wallet or transfer it to my Binance?

Dogecoin public key:

Thank you

Hi @aktraderr1987,

Are you referring to this transaction?
Dogecoin / Transaction / 0f4d14723ef96bb9ea2da19aaecec66ac2b6c47e1e81361ae02218f028b0a85d — Blockchair

Yes, it is!
Would you correct it please?

Do you know who owns this wallet address DSiz2wDCsXGoezyrYuzdADiJH8CyZd4tFt? Perhaps, this is your deposit address in Binance or other exchanges? Please double-check.

Yes I believe so. It should be the repository on Binance. I contacted them but it seema they’re very busy.

I see. Please wait for them to respond, as they are the only ones who can assist you with the deposit.

Could you pass my issue to them? It’s been more than one week and no answer from support!

Sorry, not possible. Try to use their live chat instead of the ticketing system (bottom right icon): Support Center

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