I sent wrong that ETH to ETC address

I am Korini(mean : who doesn’t know much about crypto currency.) who lives in Korea. It’s been almost four years since I knew krypto currency, and I joined up for a truth wallet today. I think it’s too late, but I’m very honored and happy to know now. I’ll get to the point. Four years ago I sent Ethereum from the Upbit Exchange to the yobit Exchange. However, I accidentally deposited the Ethereum to my Ethereum Classic address on the yobit exchange.

I asked the Yobit support team, but they only answered that the two coins were different and could not be recovered. also swindled by someone impersonating a manager on Twitter and Telegram. If you check the TXID in the Eetherium scan, it is still without withdrawal.

Please let me know if there is a way to recover with a truth wallet. What information do we need to recover? I don’t have a private key. Can I get it if I request it from Yobit Exchange?
Please help me find it.

Hello @Chunchak it is impossible to recover using Trust wallet. Also, it is not possible to get exchange private keys. Only yobit can help you with this situation.