I still didn’t see Solana

Good afternoon, there was a similar situation. I sent 2.6 sol according to BEP-20 2 days ago. I checked the translation on BscScan, I see it is also written SUCCESSFULLY on Binance. I tried to add a new token, I still didn’t see Solana.
Wallet address: 0x2BA5BBa22974B61b67a276860738b1582f3Df153

Hi @Stardust,

The Solana BEP20 version is not yet added to Trust Wallet’s asset repository (so you cannot search it yet and there is no logo). I will get this added.

In the meantime, do the following so that you can see it in your wallet:

  1. Tap the toggle sign at the top right corner
  2. Scroll down and select Add Custom Token
  3. Add the following details:
    Network: Smart Chain
    Contract Address: 0x570A5D26f7765Ecb712C0924E4De545B89fD43dF
    Name: SOLANA
    Symbol: SOL
    Decimals: 18
  4. Then press the DONE button at the top right corner to add it.
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Thank you very much. Now I see it. I was already worried that it was gone.

You’re welcome! Well, as long as the explorer says successful, then you already received it in the wallet. Just have to configure the app for it to be displayed :wink: