I swapped bob smart chain for XRP and none XRP are shown on my wallet

I didn’t know I was able to buy the XRP directly on Trust Wallet and went to pancakeswap in my trust wallet apps and swapped around 120 USD of BNB Smart chain for XRP. The transaction went thru but it’s been more than 15 hours now and none of XRP’s are showing in my wallet.
Any help with that. Anyone with a similar experience?


Same here. I need help. I swapped about $300 worth of bnb to xrp and the same thing happened.

Hey I went to the wallet and added all the XRP markets that’s available and it’s there on another xrp market. Try that

Can you explain better please. I didn’t understand how did you do that.

Hit the settings button in the top right from Home Screen of TrustWallet. Then add all the xrp markets u see to you list. One of them should be the actual one we transferred our money into.

I got it. Thank you. When I swapped the BNB Smart Chain I got Binance-Peg (XRP) instead. Thank you