I transferred from my 1st trust wallet to my second

Please I had earlier tried to move my ethereum to my second ethereum wallet on trust wallet my ethereum wallet shows no transaction ,details of the transaction disappeared bon both wallet and I managed to screenshot txhash and used etherscan to find it’s details, now it says replaced.
Please I am very much new to this that’s 0.11 ethereum missing

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To better assist you, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
  4. Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)
  5. Detailed explanation of your issue

Trust wallet version: 1.9.14
Cryto addresses(both are on one trust wallet)
Sent from : 0x02314F15051d81530b761bd5Ef38746e07630A91
Sent to: 0x6b9334478DBC3395467cB7AbACae27bE8a3C0477

Transaction id : 0x5936cacf2e32bb63ce7c87fbebc665f54534959a07567594fca885bec2d52c46
(transaction hash)
Am not sure if I should have used that as Id. But that is what I have left on the transaction

Details: I transfer 0.11 ethereum to the second address and over 11 hours it was still pending and and I tried to send another transaction and then it disappeared on both the first the sender the sender address and the receiver address.!

The pictures

It seems the transaction was replaced by this:
The 0.11 ETH was not sent.

Please what can I do. My ethereum did not return I just used the transaction harsh to view it and that’s it, I can not find it in my both wallets

You have already consumed it. There was at least 3 outgoing transactions of ETH, including fees that was used on your address.

Please how do you mean consumed ? I am selling off my ethereum , and it does show that any of it returned.
How could I have consumed what no longer appears to have ever existed? It doesn’t show on my history and all , how do you mean consumed? Please help me understand, I am really unhappy loosing my money

This transaction https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb7eb6b392b553e301be3fe72e15bc3df374779b4fd02016a3e9e381c1d7f587c
happened 1 day and 1hr ago (May-20-2020 11:23:31 AM +UTC)
This 0.11 ETH was still on the wallet.
However, 3 outgoing transactions of ETH happened after the above transaction.
The outgoing ETH plus fees used up your balance.

No please you don’t understand, I sell ethereum… I transact daily , you can check again, If it says it’s dropped and replaced. It did not return please I know what I am saying. I still plan to load up to sell today. It doesn’t mean it returned, there no history to that 0.11 on my wallet , just disappeared.

I will rely on what is being shown on the public explorer.
These transactions are recorded permanently in to the ETH network.
You can calculate the incoming and outgoing transaction of the wallet if you want.
And it will all just end up with the same ending balance that is on this address:

Okay thank you , I appreciate your help.

Pls I mistakenly transfer my eth to unknown account,pls what can I do now?

Only the receiver can send it back to you.
Please be careful in making transactions.